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Scrabble Boggle Game

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Are you a word whiz? Show your stuff by finding as many words as possible on the 4x4 letter grid before the sand timer runs out. You’ve got 3 minutes to search out as many words as you can see spelled out on the cubes. The longer the word, the higher your score, but you only score points if nobody else has the same word. Add up your points and see who the winner is… this time.
Find Words Fast:
Be inventive, be creative, but above all, be quick. Find as many words as you can before the 3-minute sand timer runs out. Use as many of the letters as you can, and make sure the letters you choose touch in word order. Try to think "out of the box" because, if anyone else spots the same word as you, then no one gets points for it. This 3-minute word game is fast, fun, and fantastic!

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Shake And Search:
This Scrabble Boggle game is great for the whole family. Kids who are learning how to spell, and adults who want to expand – and show off -- their vocabulary will love this game. The cover is designed so that you can't see all the letters until the cover is lifted – so there's no cheating. Shake the unit, lift the cover, then ready, steady... search. Write down all the words you can find in the Scrabble Boggle game unit grid. Turn the unit around for another viewpoint, as you look for words that no one else can find, because that's where you'll rack up the points.

The Self-Contained Word Search Game:
This Scrabble Boggle game provides a suspenseful word game in a compact, travel-friendly unit. The robust cover makes it easy to shake and store your dice. Take the Scrabble Boggle game anywhere and play with anyone who dares to take you on. It's one of the fastest games out there, making it easy and fun to play short rounds that will fit into your busy lifestyle. You can even play against yourself and beat your personal best. Stay calm and keep finding those words, but you also have to be quick because the sand timer won’t let you slow down.
Includes Boggle grid base and lid, 16 letter cubes, sand timer, and instructions.

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-Great family game
-Find unique words to rack up the points
-Beat the 3-minute timer
-Easy to set up
-Quick to play

•Ages 8 and up
•For 1 or more payers